My woodworking projects
Wind Mill Lawn Orniment
Pine Corner Tripod table
Martha Washington Tilt Top Table Tilted Up
Tilt Top Table Tilted Down
Doll House Radio
Large Candle Sticks
Slender Candle Sticks
Camelback Seachest made for Granddaughter Grace.
Granddaughter Julias Rocking Horse
Post Office Piggy Banks for Julia and Grace.
Larg Candle Stick
Router Station from New Yankee Workshop
Roll Top Desk
Yarn Swift
Yarn Bobbin Winder
Directors Stand, Made two
Altar for St. Joseph Church
Vocations Chalice, Teak Base
Pew Railing for Choir, Made four
Yes, I know, It isn't wood. Brass Silverlined Chalice
Song Boads, Made right and left
Advent wreath stand, Articulated
Gavel and Anvil. Knights of Columbus Council #12186
Styleized Giraffe and pewter inlay walnut plate
20 inch solid walnut pizza serving dish
Refurbished 40 year old Kresh for neighbor
Cup Cake Stand made for Daughters Business
MaryCake Display Case made for Daughter. Cherry with laser engraving.
Kitchen Knick Knack Shelf
Chamber Organ Construction
First three done
Test stand blower
Start od Doublette Rank
Delail of Mouth CCC 32.7 Hz
More to come.